Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bolivar Corona Junior

Bolivar Corona Junior 
4 3/8 x 42
Made in Cuba

Paid: $7 CDN
Age: Purchased yesterday from local B&M
Drink: Water

In my hunt to find a petite corona to buy a box, and put away, I'm giving this one a try based on good reviews.

The draw, and construction looks perfect.  The burn was was fairly uneven, and had to be corrected drastically twice.  The smoke was really thick, and cloudy.

The inhale was much better then the exhale.  The dominant flavour was a toasted sawdust aroma, much like cutting a bunch of 2x4's.  Not quite that pleasant but close.  I could tell this cigar was young, as I did detect a slight ammonia aroma throughout, but it didn't nearly detract from the smoke, like I had with the Montecristo Open Junior the day before.  Pretty one dimensional flavour wise.

This cigar left a mild mushroom after taste on my tongue, which I was unsure if I enjoyed or not. (EDIT: I've finally come to learn that mushroom taste is earthiness.  Had a buddy help me out with that, cause he thought I was crazy, so we shared a cigar.)

It felt like a mild strength smoke, and the last third seemed the most enjoyable.  Despite the burn issues, and slight ammonia odor, I found this smoke pleasant, and would consider revisiting again down the road.  I think a little time on this cigar would make a huge difference.

Right now I would rank the Montecristo No 5 way ahead of this one, but I have still yet to try the Partagas Short, or Siglo I, which are next on my petite cigar hit list.

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